This wiki is used to translate ikiwiki's basewiki, and demonstrate those translations. Ikiwiki is a wiki engine; its basewiki is the set of pages that are copied into every wiki it powers.

Most of the English pages on this wiki are locked. You cannot edit them. You can, however, edit the translated versions of those pages, and your edits to their PO files will be folded back into ikiwiki proper.

The SandBox is unlocked if you just want to play around with editing a translatable wiki.

Instructions for translators

If you want to translate ikiwiki's basewiki into your language, follow these steps:

  1. Note that the license of the basewiki is as follows. Your translation will need to be licensed the same:

    Redistribution and use in source and compiled forms, with or without modification, are permitted under any circumstances. No warranty.

  2. Is your language listed as one of the available translations above? If not, Joey needs to enable it. Edit the discussion page and request it be enabled. Include the name of your language as it should be displayed, and the two letter language code. Saying something about the translation resources you have available will help. Is it just you, or will there be a whole team? Do you have just a little time to help, or do you want to commit to translating the whole thing?

  3. Now get to translating! The easiest way to get started is to find a page on this wiki that is less than 100% translated to your language, go to the translated version of the page, and edit it. You'll be dumped into a web form, editing a PO file. Save and watch the percent translated numbers go up!

  4. After a while you might get tired of the web form and want a real text editor, or even a specialized po file editor. No problem, this wiki can be edited using git as well:

    • Install git, and run this command to check out the wiki: git clone git://
    • Edit the po files for your language, in the directory.
    • Run git commit -a to commit your changes.
    • Run git push to push your changes back to this wiki. It will automatically update!
  5. If you get a useful percentage of the basewiki translated, let Joey know so he can activate your translation in the next ikiwiki release.

  6. Keep an eye on needstranslation to keep your translation up-to-date.

Instructions for Joey

This branch of ikiwiki is diverged from ikiwiki master, and should never be directly merged into master. Remember to merge master into it from time to time. After merging in master, the translatable underlays can be updated by running cd po && make underlays. Then check in any new po and pot files to the l10n branch. (Similarly, that should never be run on the master branch.)

When receiving a translation via this site, the po files have to be copied over to master by hand. This way, only translations that are in a consistent/complete state can land in master.

Translation hints

  • This page does not need to be translated. :-)
  • Don't translate page names inside WikiLinks, such as [[FooPage]]
  • Do translate link descriptions inside WikiLinks, such as [[Page about foo|FooPage]]
  • Some directives don't contain translatable bits; some do. Compare [[!inline pages="blog/*"]] with [[!inline pages="blog/*" description="this is my blog"]]

Translation problems


Some pages use redirection (cut, copy, paste, taglink, ...) which translates to


on the English page, but to


on the Czech page returning an error about nonexistent page

Hmm, I don't see the problem when I go to I am redirected to the English cutpaste page, no 404. --Joey

If you try French or Czech you might get the error. (And the localized version will be usually prefered by the browser automatically.)

Aha, the redirect does not lead to but to

Ah, ok. Then this should only be a problem on this wiki. The pages redirect to '/ikiwiki/directive/cutpaste', and that version of the page is the one shipped in an ikiwiki release (not the one this site lets you translate), and so is not translated to French/Czech yet. So I think this will clear itself up once I add those translations to ikiwiki mainline and upgrade to that version. --Joey

List of pages

See needstranslation for lists of pages that are not fully translated into each language.

Here is a list of all the translatable pages in the basewiki:

If you manage to translate all of the above, here are some additional translatable pages: