The graph directive is supplied by the graphviz plugin.

This directive allows embedding graphviz graphs in a page. Example usage:

[[!graph  src="a -> b -> c; a -> c;"]]

Nodes on the graph can link to external urls using regular graphviz syntax, and a clickable imagemap will be created. As a special extension for ikiwiki, WikiLinks can also be used. For example:

[[!graph  src="""
google [ href="" ]
sandbox [ href=[[SandBox]] ]
help [ href=[[ikiwiki/formatting]] ]
newpage [ href=[[NewPage]] ]

google -> sandbox -> help -> newpage -> help -> google;

The graph directive supports the following parameters:

  • src - The graphviz source to render.
  • type - The type of graph to render: graph or digraph. Defaults to digraph.
  • prog - The graphviz program to render with: dot, neato, fdp, twopi, or circo. Defaults to dot.
  • height, width - Limit the size of the graph to a given height and width, in inches. You must specify both to limit the size; otherwise, graphviz will choose a size, without any limit.