The pagestats directive is supplied by the pagestats plugin.

This directive can generate stats about how pages link to each other. It can produce either a tag cloud, or a table counting the number of links to each page.

Here's how to use it to create a tag cloud, with tags sized based on frequency of use:

[[!pagestats  pages="tags/*"]]

Here's how to create a list of tags, sized by use as they would be in a cloud.

[[!pagestats  style="list" pages="tags/*"]]

And here's how to create a table of all the pages on the wiki:

[[!pagestats  style="table"]]

The optional among parameter limits the pages whose outgoing links are considered. For instance, to display a cloud of tags used on blog entries, while ignoring other pages that use those tags, you could use:

[[!pagestats  pages="tags/*" among="blog/posts/*"]]

Or to display a cloud of tags related to Linux, you could use:

[[!pagestats  pages="tags/* and !tags/linux" among="tagged(linux)"]]

The optional show parameter limits display to the specified number of pages. For instance, to show a table of the top ten pages with the most links:

[[!pagestats  style="table" show="10"]]

The optional class parameter can be used to control the class of the generated tag cloud div or page stats table.