The poll directive is supplied by the poll plugin.

This directive allows you to create online polls in the wiki. Here's an example use:

[[!poll  0 "red" 0 "green" 0 "blue"]]

The numbers indicate how many users voted for that choice. When a user votes for a choice in the poll, the page is modified and the number incremented.

While some basic precautions are taken to prevent users from accidentially voting twice, this sort of poll should not be counted on to be very accurate; all the usual concerns about web based polling apply. Unless the page that the poll is in is locked, users can even edit the page and change the numbers!


  • open - Whether voting is still open. Set to "no" to close the poll to voting.
  • total - Show total number of votes at bottom of poll. Default is "yes".
  • percent - Whether to display percents. Default is "yes".