The img directive is supplied by the img plugin.

This is an image handling directive. While ikiwiki supports inlining full-size images by making a WikiLink that points to the image, using this directive you can easily scale down an image for inclusion onto a page, providing a link to a full-size version.


[[!img  image1.jpg size="200x200" alt="clouds"]]

The image file will be searched for using the same rules as used to find the file pointed to by a WikiLink.

The size parameter is optional, defaulting to full size. You can specify only the width or the height, and the other value will be calculated based on it: "200x", "x200".

If you specify both the width and height, the original image's aspect ratio will be preserved, even if this means making the image smaller than the specified size. (However, this is not done for svg images.)

You can also pass alt, title, class, align, id, hspace, and vspace parameters. These are passed through unchanged to the html img tag. If you include a caption parameter, the caption will be displayed centered beneath the image.

The link parameter is used to control whether the scaled image links to the full size version. By default it does; set "link=somepage" to link to another page instead, or "link=no" to disable the link, or "link=http://url" to link to a given url.

The pagenumber parameter selects which of multiple images should be rendered; this is relevant mainly for GIF and PDF source images.

You can also set default values that will be applied to all later images on the page, unless overridden. Useful when including many images on a page.

[[!img  defaults size=200x200 alt="wedding photo"]]
[[!img  photo1.jpg]]
[[!img  photo2.jpg]]
[[!img  photo3.jpg size=200x600]]

format support

By default, the img directive only supports a few common web formats:

  • PNG (.png)
  • JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg)
  • GIF (.gif)
  • SVG (.svg)

These additional formats can be enabled with the img_allowed_formats setup option, but are disabled by default for better security:

  • PDF (.pdf)
  • everything (accepts any file supported by ImageMagick: make sure that only completely trusted users can upload attachments)

For example, a wiki where only admin() users can upload attachments might use:

img_allowed_formats: [png, jpeg, gif, svg, pdf]