The format directive is supplied by the format plugin.

The directive allows formatting a chunk of text using any available page format. It takes two parameters. First is the type of format to use, ie the extension that would be used for a standalone file of this type. Second is the text to format.

For example, this will embed an otl outline inside a page using mdwn or some other format:

[[!format  otl """

Note that if the highlight plugin is enabled, this directive can also be used to display syntax highlighted code. Many languages and formats are supported. For example:

[[!format  perl """
print "hello, world\n";

format can also be used to format entire source files and display them on a page. Simply put an inline directive with the raw attribute set inside a format. This can be useful if you want to both serve the file raw, as well as show it syntax highlighted on a page. An example:

[[!format  python """
[[!inline pages="" raw="yes"]]

[[View raw file|]]