The comment directive is supplied by the comments plugin. There should be one comment directive in each source file with extension ._comment or ._comment_pending, and the directive should not appear anywhere else. Comments are normally created via the web, in which case ikiwiki automatically creates a suitable ._comment file.

Wiki administrators can also commit comment files to the version control system directly: they should be named starting with the comments_pagename config option (usually comment_) and ending with ._comment, for instance comment_42._comment.


[[!comment  format=mdwn
Blah blah.


The only required parameter is content, the others just add or override metadata for the comment. Many parameters are shortcuts for meta directives.

  • content - Text to display for the comment. Note that directives may not be allowed, depending on the configuration of the comment plugin.
  • format - Specifies the markup used for the content.
  • subject - Subject for the comment.
  • date - Date the comment was posted. Can be entered in nearly any format, since it's parsed by TimeDate
  • username - Used to record the username (or OpenID) of a logged in commenter.
  • nickname - Name to display for a logged in commenter. (Optional; used for OpenIDs.)
  • ip - Can be used to record the IP address of a commenter, if they posted anonymously.
  • claimedauthor - Records the name that the user entered, if anonymous commenters are allowed to enter their (unverified) name.