The linkmap directive is supplied by the linkmap plugin.

This directive uses graphviz to generate a graph showing the links between a set of pages in the wiki. Example usage:

[[!linkmap  pages="* and !blog/* and !*/Discussion"]]

Only links between mapped pages will be shown; links pointing to or from unmapped pages will be omitted. If the pages to include are not specified, the links between all pages (and other files) in the wiki are mapped.

Here are descriptions of all the supported parameters to the linkmap directive:

  • pages - A PageSpec of the pages to map.
  • height, width - Limit the size of the map to a given height and width, in inches. Both must be specified for the limiting to take effect, otherwise the map's size is not limited.
  • connected - Controls whether to include pages on the map that link to no other pages (connected=no, the default), or to only show pages that link to others (connected=yes).

For best results, only a small set of pages should be mapped, since otherwise the map can become very large, unwieldy, and complicated. If too many pages are included, the map may get so large that graphviz cannot render it. Using the connected parameter is a good way to prune out pages that clutter the map.